Am I good enough for my daughter?

As Phoebe napped I caught up on one of my favorite guilty pleasure shows – DCC Making the team. Don’t judge. Watching them all train so hard stops me from snacking and makes me get off my butt and do things. This particular episode showed the struggles single mom Morgan faced while trying to balance […] Read more…


Shoe crush

I think I’m a little late to the party but I have fallen head over heels (ooh haha see what I did there?) with Sophia Webster! Her designs are GAWWWWGEOUS!!! Here are a few of my current favs. The Flamingo is just calling out to be worn with a fab sundress and a cocktail don’t […] Read more… / Via Summer Bellessa

The hottest new fashion stylists – TODDLERS!

This mom let her toddler style her for a week. I love this photo series! This is probably my favorite outfit. I mean I would rock that for sure. Phoebe is my shopping sidekick and will nod her head yes or (more often) shake her head No when I hold up possible purchases. Sometimes I […] Read more…


Sometimes it IS black and white.

You know that thing on Instagram where you like a photo and then look at the other people that liked it and end up going down a Rabbit Hole of Insta-Awesomeness? Well, I’ve been doing that with Scandinavian Decor accounts lately. I’m now obsessed with making my entire house Black and White and this is […] Read more…


Rainy Days

Rainy days used to mean being cozied up on the couch under a fluffy blanket, drinking tea and watching movies. Now, with a 15 month old it means running up and down the hallway and trying to stop us both from going stir-crazy. I don’t want to complain because we’ve needed rain for so long […] Read more…

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