Stand up straight

Well, don’t just stand up straight, improve your posture in general and you will automatically give off an air of elegance. This one thing will go far to creating a more graceful you! Hold your chin parallel to the ground and don’t stare at your feet. Trust me, they are still there and doing fine.

Be more deliberate in your movements.

Watch some old movies and see how the ladies completed every day tasks. Their movements were more deliberate. Observe how they used their hands. Now, watch how you use your hands.  

Pay attention to what you are doing and don’t rush through things. Little things like how you hold a cup or close a door can make a difference. Use “Pretty hands.” I’ve noticed that I am more aware of how I use my hands when I have a lovely manicure. There’s an excuse to pamper yourself!

Ditch the yoga pants.

Unless you are ACTUALLY doing yoga. As a mom doing the school run I totally get it. Comfort can easily trump “class” when we are rushing out the door. Do you know what’s just as comfy but a whole lot more elegant? Black leggings, a slim fitting but not tight tunic length sweater and some ballet flats. Put your hair back in a clean swept ponytail and voila – comfy and classy. If you want to feel really great, swipe on some lipstick! It will perk your whole face up without the need to do lots of makeup.

Don’t walk, glide!

This takes some practice but once you master it you will feel (and look) as though you are walking on air. I have some helpful pointers here.

Be grateful

The most graceful thing you can do is to be grateful. Give thanks for the things you have and for the people that surround you. Go out of your way to help people. Even a simple smile can turn someone’s day around.

Audrey Jean

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