If only….

If only I had time for myself. I hear that so often. As a mom it can be hard to admit that we need some time to ourselves. If that wasn’t hard enough we have to FIND the time. But you can. I promise. You just have to look in some rather unorthodox places. I promise, take just a few of these moments for yourself and you will be feeling slightly more human in no time.

When you get up

I know, I know. We need every second of sleep we can get but trust me on this. Set your alarm for a little earlier than usual and take those few extra moments for you. Drink HOT coffee for once, read a few pages of a book, watch the sunrise, do a gratitude list. Whatever makes your heart happy. This is a great way to start your day. You’ll go into it feeling more alive and less like a rushed off your feet zombie. That’s not a good look.

On the ride to/from work or back from “drop off”

Stuck in traffic doesn’t have to be as annoying as you think. Yes that guy honking beside you is annoying but don’t let it ruin your whole day. Make your drive work for you. Try a different route. Seeing new things when you are stuck in traffic is way more interesting than reading that same billboard every day. Press play on a motivating podcast, listen to the audiobook version of the book gathering dust on your bedside table, call a friend and catch up (hands free of course), belt out a guilty pleasure song that makes you feel like you can take on the world – because, newsflash, YOU CAN!

Doing the dishes

Yes, you heard that right. Use some great smelling dish soap and use it as a “spa moment” for your hands. Follow up with some super pampering hand lotion – keep it at the sink so you never forget. Even better, slather that hand cream on BEFORE you put on your rubber gloves. The heat from the water will help the cream soak in and at the end you’ll have soft hands AND clean dishes.Make a gratitude list in your head while you wash.

Lunch at the office

Do NOT eat at your desk. I repeat DO NOT EAT AT YOUR DESK!
Get out of the office. Go for a walk. Get fresh air, window shop, read a book. You have the gift of an “un-booked” hour. Use it. Try a new dish from your fav lunch spot. Heck, try a new lunch spot. Break out of those ruts.

While grocery shopping

If you have the luxury of doing the shopping alone I shouldn’t even need to tell you how to make this a little bit more “me-time” but I will. Listen to an audiobook or podcast on your headphones while you shop. Take your time choosing the freshest ingredients. Choose one new dish or item and change up your normal meal rotation. Buy that Starbucks coffee from the in-store kiosk or nab the free coffee from Trader Joe’s and drink it while you shop. Wait, what is this – 2 hot coffees in one day? Mama you are on FIRE!

Got a little helper along with you? This won’t be “me” time in the strictest sense of the term but we can make it fun! Go into shopping with an adventure mindset and not an errand mindset. Give them ways to help you. Let them get the items off the shelves (within reason of course, a clean up in Aisle 3 is not what we are going for here). Bonus points if you let them use the tiny shopping carts. Make a game of it and before you know it you’ve actually turned a chore into something you’ve both enjoyed. Congrats – you’ve both earned a treat! Another option? Use an online-ordering service. Skip the store and use that hour for something else! You have my permission.

Your Morning shower

Yes it might be a rush to get ready in the morning but you can turn necessity into pampering. Add a luscious new body gel, throw on the deep conditioner. Give yourself a scalp massage! Listen to a soothing mix. If you close your eyes you might just trick yourself into thinking you are in a spa for like 30 whole seconds!

Taking out the trash

You know those few minutes when you step outside, ALONE, to take out the trash? Use them! Enjoy the QUIET! Pay attention to the sights around you. The leaves falling, the flowers blooming, the smell of your neighbors latest dish wafting out of their house (mental note: score a dinner invite ASAP). Remember those gratitude lists, you could come up with one now.

Yes, some of these “stolen moments” may seem silly. I mean, who’s really being mindful while taking out the trash? You – that’s who! But the point is that there are so many moments throughout your day that you can use differently. You just have to think of them a little differently. So, tell me, which moment in your day will you reclaim as a ME moment?

Audrey Jean

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