Many moons ago I had a beau that was less than gentlemanly.

One day, he pointed out, in his “helpful” fashion that my walk was clompy and that I was developing a “hump” as he called it. My heart was broken and I couldn’t believe that he would be so cruel.

It was heartless, yes, but it also turned out to be incredibly helpful.  That one comment sparked something in me and I was determined to make myself over. Not for him, you understand, but for me. I took a long hard look in the mirror and decided to make some changes.

He made it seem as if I should know better. As if, somehow, I should just magically be gliding around graceful as a swan. I knew that since I wasn’t, that I could learn but I had no idea where to start.

One day, during my weekly treasure-hunting escapades at a local thrift store I found my answer. Four rose pink volumes caught my eye.

I started flicking through the pages and couldn’t stop. This was exactly what I’d been looking for. It was a Beauty Guide and it was extensive. I snapped it up and that was the beginning of my fabulous journey.

I started collecting various Vintage Charm School and Etiquette Course books. I devoured them and soaked up each and every lesson.

That boarish beau is no longer hanging around but that moment will be with me forever because it inspired me to change my life.

Years later I spend my days drinking copious amounts of coffee with my nose still stuck in many of those same books. I get to share what I’ve learned with other ladies and help them overcome any self-doubt or awkwardness along the way.

The point is, my darling, you never know what is on the other side of that hurdle you are trying to jump.

What are you struggling with right now?

Audrey Jean

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