Today, right this very minute you are about to start on THE most exciting adventure. It’s a journey into a fascinating new world…. the world of YOU! And you know what, I am so excited to be on this voyage with you!

This course will not have dull or dreary subjects for you to suffer through. There’s no falling asleep at your desk. In fact, there’s no desk. You can do this from your cozy couch! To make it even better, you are going to be studying the most interesting subject in the world – YOU!

During this course we will use actual Finishing School and Charm School manuals from the past (1940’s – 1960’s) to learn how to capture the elegance, glamour and the poise of the past while still keeping our modern views!


Our Charm School runs for 8 weeks. Each “class” is 2 weeks long. On Monday’s you’ll receive an email with your course content, assignments and printable handouts. We’ll work together in a Private Students Only Facebook Group where your classmates can cheer you along, help you if you are struggling and collaborate! I’ll also do live Videos within the group to dive deeper into that week’s content and answer any questions. You’ll also be able to email me at any time for help or advice on the course! We are in this together!

Note: The Group is totally optional. This is a work at your own pace course but you’ll find that the community and live interaction is super helpful to your progress!

After your final exam and graduation you will receive your Charm School Diploma.

Hang that up with pride because, gorgeous, you’ve earned it!

So to recap. Over 8 weeks you’ll get:

*Weekly emails with downloadable PDFs for course content and assignments
*Printable Handouts
*Weekly check-ins
*Live video calls with me
*Private Facebook group for Students Only
*Diploma upon Completion


Here’s our Course Outline. You’ll learn lots of vintage beauty secrets and charming tips!


You’ll learn how to put your best face forward and give your body a beautifying as well!
We’ll cover beauty secrets and how to make sure your hair is your crowning glory!
But let’s not forget about the little dainty touches that are essential in your day to day.

*Skin Care
*Your Beauty Habit
*Hair Style
*Your shape




This module is all about your personal style.
We’ll work on editing your existing wardrobe and find the styles and colors that are a perfect fit!

*What to wear for your shape
*Basic Wardrobe Plan
*Clothes Care



This module will focus on creating an elegant walk and mastering your visual poise!
You’ll find your perfect stance and glide walk your way through life!

*What to do with your hands
*The Little Graces (head tilt, facial expressions)



Beauty is as beauty does and it’s no good looking the part if you act to the contrary.
This module will focus on etiquette and creating a great impression.
This includes how to make your voice more “charming” and improving your diction.



Vintage Charm School is CURRENTLY CLOSED. Email me for more info on the next session. 

Vintage Charm School is currently closed. If you’d like more info on the next session, please email me