Poise, the movement of beauty, is not accidental. It is acquired… learned. Much of it comes from inner confidence. And confidence comes from knowing what to do.  It’s easy once you know how.

Channel your inner Grace Kelly and perfect your Posture & Poise with my 14 day Digital class. Every day for two weeks I’ll send you lessons and assignments right to your inbox. You will work at your own pace and do the lessons when it’s convenient for you. You’ll have me to hold your hand and answer questions along the way!

First we’ll test your alignment to see how your current posture measures up. You’ll learn how to perfect your stance, glide walk and do every day things with more grace and poise. During these 14 days we will be using actual materials from the 1940s-1960s in Model and Secretarial Training Schools.

Here’s what some past students had to say:

I just want to say that I LOVE this course and I am so glad that you offer this! For years I have been telling myself to improve my posture, but its really difficult when I don’t really know what that means – I just knew I looked slouchy. Thank you for really spelling out how to improve this about myself and help me look more “put-together!” I’m already noticing that I am standing and walking taller the last few days!” – Marina

Hi Audrey!! I really enjoy all of the content you’ve been sending! It’s a lot of new info and totally full of goodies!” – Carol

So what are you waiting for?