When a gal is as positively charming as you are she often gets asked to parties. And dinners. And dates. You don’t want to miss out on any fun but you’ve already had a full day. Nevertheless, you slide on a fresh coat of lipstick and off you go.

Our beloved Secrets of Charm (1954) delivers a little tough love on the subject of overdoing it.

Fatigue imposes a dangerous strain on your health, appearance and outlook. Letting yourself become overtired through work or play produces nothing but a weary expression, circled eyes, slumped posture, edgy voice and listless or waspish attitude. What is accomplished by ending up with a crack-up?

If you allow your social life to interfere with your nightly rest, you should be put to bed early after a severe lecture of the value of rest to those popularity attributes – beauty and sparkle! BUT, when it is work or mental pressure that robs you of your physical and nervous energy, you deserve the utmost sympathy and help.

WOW. Well, know that we all know how imperative it is to make sure you are well rested so let’s find out how to make sure we do just that.

How much time you should spend in chasing fatigue has been decided for you by doctors, personnel directors and home economics authorities (!!!). These are their verdicts:

By the way, did anyone else just hear the Law and Order SVU dun-dun at the end of that line? No? Just me? Ok.

On we go….

Create a Rest Budget

Always start your day with a disciplined plan. Begin by routining your activities. Circle the pressing tasks and engagements and set your sights on getting through them. You can always leave leftover trivia for the next day. Try not to set a higher goal for yourself than you have found attainable in the past. Learn to say “no” to the people and purposes that hamper vital work or pleasurable pursuits.

When your list is compiled, intersperse jottings with rest periods. To eke them out, cut a task or date. Yes, cut it! What heights of achievement could be as rewarding to you, your friends, your family or your job as your personal well-being?

A Five Minute Break

Take 5 minutes out in the middle of the morning and in the afternoon. Leave your work, go get a coffee and think or chat about anything other than work. Read a chapter in your latest book or flip through a diverting magazine.

Use the last few minutes to tidy up your makeup and hair or stretch. This will reinvigorate you for the next few hours. You can also try spritzing a little fresh perfume on. When your feet hurt kick off your shoes and massage your foot muscles for a few minutes. If your back is sore from sitting or standing so much press your spine flat against a wall. Improved posture, however, would prevent the ill altogether. (Oh yes, they never let us forget how important posture is!)

For those who must use their voices constantly there are several measures that allay the tensions created by dealing with people. Deep breathing by an open window is helpful – draw air so that the ribs expand and contract like an accordion. Taut neck muscles can be relaxed by massaging the nape and shoulder tendons between the thumb and forefinger in an upward direction .

Before-Dinner Respite

With weariness clutching at your bones or nerves and a heavy duty evening ahead change your distemper with a Beauty Bath (more on those later but for now just think of it as a super pampering bubble bath!), a foot soak, a cat nap or all three.

“Your” Day

Plan one day a month as “your” day. Schedule a minimum of chose and no social activities, meetings or “good works,” whatsoever. Make a change of pace and occupation your sole aim. Lose yourself in some lazy pursuit that appeals to you – read a novel, do a beauty routine, or engage in some sport of hobby. When evening arrives, you will find yourself revitalized.

So, our takeaways from this should be:

  • Don’t overschedule yourself
  • Do Schedule time FOR yourself
  • Being overly tired is not charming

Well then, I’m taking my glass of champagne off to bed!

Rest is important.


Audrey Jean

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