A few of my favorite glamour manuals come from Secretarial Courses. Not only were you expected to know how to type or take shorthand but you had to know how to present yourself. These tomes actually covered the most flattering hairdos for your face shape, diet and exercise tips and how to conduct yourself in social situations!

1950 — A model wears a shantung suit by Radiant as she poses as an office secretary. — Image by © Genevieve Naylor/Corbis

I spent many years as a “Secretary” and an “Office Manager” and always got such a kick out of the office scenes in Mad Men. My Linked-In Profile even said I was “Joan before there was a Joan.”

I will definitely do some more in depth posts on all of that in the future but for now let’s take a little visual journey through the office jungle!

Audrey Jean

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