With all the holiday gatherings on the horizon do you ever feel shy, self-conscious or uncomfortable walking into a roomful of people? It can be daunting for even the most outgoing person, especially if you think you’ll only know the host/hostess!

A little knowledge can help you enter gracefully and feel more confident walking into a room of the unknown. So, I turned to my 1954 edition of “Secrets of Charm” to find out how those charming ladies conducted themselves in just such a situation and here’s what I learned.

The first step is to make sure you leave the house feeling AMAZING. Hair, makeup and dress all on-point! Feeling good is the best way to make a great impression. Take one last look in the mirror. Now, forget all about your appearance so that you can focus on others at the party and having a great time! You’ll never be able to relax and enjoy yourself if you’re constantly fussing with an uncomfortable dress or worried that your hair looks odd.

Once you reach the party, if it’s a large gathering, pause in the doorway and locate your host/hostess. Then, moving swiftly but gracefully go directly to them.  They, will, in turn introduce you to other guess and you will soon no longer feel like the shy stranger.  If it’s a smaller affair your host/hostess will usually meet you at the door and introduce you immediately to anyone you do not already know.

Now that you’re feeling more at ease, take a look around the room and find an empty spot next to someone that looks fun and make your way over! I like to find someone who is wearing an outfit that I love so that I can open with a genuine compliment. “I love your dress!” is the best way to make a new friend!

Whatever you do, do NOT tuck yourself away in a corner. People might not realize that you are simply shy and could think you are just being a bit standoffish. They will leave you alone and that’s not going to be a very fun party.

After a wonderfully fun party do not be the guest that lingers. Find your host/hostess and thank them for a wonderful time and then exit swiftly.

Audrey Jean

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