I just hit send on the very first email of my Posture & Poise Perfection course and I am BEYOND excited. I’ve been working around the clock on the content and I’m elated to finally have it out in the world.


I truly believe that excellent Posture is the number one thing you need to be more charming and more elegant. You literally stand taller but you also carry with you an air of confidence, even if you might not feel that way inside. People are drawn to you. They want to know you, even if they aren’t sure why.



The course is 14 days long but you can work at your own pace. I’ll be working with you to correct posture woes, help you glide when you walk, master the art of making an entrance, and so much more.


This is the beginning of a whole new you and I am so excited for this journey!




Audrey Jean

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