It’s time to get dressed. You open your closet, sigh and quickly close the door.
Why do you have so many clothes but resort to that one pair of yoga pants and comfy tee that is practically your uniform at this point? 
Take a closer look.
Ugh, it’s filled with clothes that no longer fit or look right and, honestly, they just don’t make you feel good. 
What if you had a new BFF that would just swoop right in in a cloud of Gardenia Perfume and Sparkles and whip that closet into shape? 
This amazing new friend would tell you what to toss and what to keep. How to breathe new life into what you have. She’d listen to what you dream of wearing and help you get there!
What if, on a random Tuesday she saw a dress on sale that was meant for you and let you know right away so you could snap it up?
That cloud of Gardenia and Sparkles? That’s me!

I believe that EVERY SINGLE WOMAN should feel amazing when she gets dressed. You should feel fabulous and excited when you open your closet. No matter your size or budget!
Together we will revamp your wardrobe and create a signature personal style. You’ll easily know what to wear to look your best. I’ll always be on the lookout for amazing deals and beautiful pieces for you. And I’m just a click away if you are stuck in a dressing room and need an opinion!
Was that a sigh of relief I just heard?
Here’s how this works. 
Questions? Send me an email and let’s chat!
Ready to get started?