Here we are, the very last type. I think this one is going to resonate with a lot of us.

I know I chose The Young Matron as my type but perhaps this is more me.

Have you found your type?

The American Girl Type

I think we can all immediately envision this type. Feminine but equally at home dressed in an evening gown, day dress or sportswear. The American Girl Type is not extraordinarily exotic or voluptuous but she is a mixture of all the other types.

If you like business, romance, athletics, intellectual pursuits and motherhood equally well, you are this type.  You know how to enjoy life immensely and you live it happily! You know that if you want to get to a position and hold it, you must dress well. You know the importance of clothes and what suits you best.

Your clothes should be smart and useful. You should be able to wear your daytime drss out to dinner simply by changing your hat and shoes. You should be able to wear your formal gown to a dinner party by wearing a jacket over it, and then make it dance appropriate by simply removing the jacket. Your hats should go with several outfits. Your clothes can be of any color but you should keep ensembles in mind when choosing them.

Your lingerie is easily washable and you have some lacy and extravagant pieces for evening wear but nothing overly complicated.

You may wear any kind of jewelry as long as it’s not to extreme. Your hose should not be too sheer so that you can get good wear from them. You tend to like sophisticated fragrances and love gardenias.

By now, you may know that I ADORE Doris Day and I think she is a great example of American Girl Style. In her movies you’ll see lots of dresses with matching coats to give it extra wear. She’s also great for keeping casual wear such as capris and sleeveless shirts feminine.

I also think of Trudy Campbell from Mad Men. Trudy was ambitious for her husband and knew that making the right impression was key to helping him get ahead. She was always perfectly dressed for each occasion and had a lighter more “all american girl” feel than Betty.


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