So far we’ve met The Exotic and The Ingenue. Are either of those ringing true for you? If you are like me you’ll probably find aspects of several of these personalities that you gravitate towards. While these vintage manuals deal very much in absolutes I like to think that we can mix and meld a little. Let’s use each of these as a Blueprint and not a Bible. If you are an Ingenue but love a dress that an Athletic Type would wear, wear it, but add your signature Ingenue touches with a pretty hat or buy it in a softer color.

Today let’s chat about …..

The Athletic Type

If you are the Athletic Type you definitely know it. Your golf swing is remarkable and your swimming form a miracle. Embrace this. Do not try to cover a tanned muscular arm in fluffy ruffles.  

Wear tailored lines even in the evening. Long simple lines show the fluid movement of your trained body. Don’t try to be petite and cute. Don’t let anyone talk you into trying to imitate romanticism. Be yourself!

Wear strong, straight forward clothes that move with grace. Be careful not to let yourself appear too masculine but don’t wear froufrou or slinky clothes. Your look should be trim and smart. Linen dresses, chic sweaters and scarfs. Evening clothes should allow your body freedom of movement and not require you to “fuss” with anything.

Your perfume is heathery or outdoorsy. Your flower is carnation and your colors are that of summer and fall – greens, yellows and browns – very wholesome.

When I think of the Athletic Type there is one lady that immediately springs to mind – Katherine Hepburn!

Kate was known for her menswear-inspired blazers, collared shirts, trousers and little to no makeup.

“I wear my sort of clothes to save me the trouble of choosing which clothes to wear.” –

Katherine Hepburn

I think we all know the classic Katherine Pants.

But if you look at her dresses, and even her evenings dresses, you’ll see pretty but unfussy and great lines.

Have you found your type yet?

Audrey Jean

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