We are officially half-way through the Personalities! Have you found your type yet?

This next one is a favorite of mine and I confess that sometimes I like to channel her. Again, I feel like you can definitely be a combo of two or even three of these types. There’s probably one that you gravitate towards the most, but we all have many sides and there’s absolutely no reason you can’t have some fun playing against “type” from time to time.

For example, I just love Zsa Zsa Gabor and I think she’s an interesting mix of The Romantic and The Bombshell.

Now that we know you can mix and match to create the perfect cocktail let’s move on to….

The Bombshell Type

You are Joan Holloway from Mad Men.

You wear clothes to highlight your incredible figure. You want to be noticed and your clothes make sure that you are. You must be perfectly groomed at all times and be constantly aware of “letting go.” If you have exuberant curves, come-hither eyes and luscious lips you can definitely dress to this type.  

There must always be a simple line in your clothing. Daywear should be sophisticated no fussiness. Your clothes should always be close-fitting but never OBVIOUS. Beware of over-dressing or you will lose your mystery.

Rubies and diamonds are the jewels for you. Satin shoes and gowns and high heels to make your legs long and slender. Vivid colors match your vivid personality.

Heavy sweet floral or musky scents match you well. Dark red roses are you personified.

And just in case you have no idea who Joan from Mad Men is here are some excellent Bombshell examples from the lady herself. Oh, and your homework is to go watch Mad Men right now.

Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks) – Mad Men – Season 3, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Carin Baer/AMC

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