Now that we’ve settled down from The Bombshell we are swinging over to a completely different type. The Manuals refer to this as the “Boyish” type. This is one of those vintage labels (along with tomboy) that don’t really have a place in our modern day. I like to just think of this “Type” as someone that prefers comfort over the various frou frou details. Someone who doesn’t really care for fashion or put as much stock in what she is wearing as what she can do while wearing it. With that said, let’s take a look at what the 1950s called….

The “Boyish” Type

Remember Jo in Little Women?

She was miserable in ruffles and only wanted comfort and freedom in her clothes.

If you don’t care about being “feminine” or “delicate” and dainty, fluttery dresses do nothing but anger you then this is your type. Be yourself. Be comfortable. Wear the clothes that you wish.

Don’t force yourself to wear something just because it’s in style. Be the individual you are! Be careful to always be well-groomed otherwise your style could be mistaken for slovenly or dowdy.

You can pull off loose and straight lines but they must be well cut, fitted and of good materials. Pick low-heeled shoes and neutral colors. Your lingerie is primarily for comfort, try soft cottons.

Fresh clean scents work well for you.

I think of Jean Seberg’s sailor stripes and cuffed jeans. Jane Birkin’s love for tees and, of course, Diane Keaton and her love of “menswear.” All slightly different ways to embrace the “Boyish” look.

Audrey Jean

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