During the Style Module of Vintage Charm School we decode your dress personality and find just the right look for you. As I was working on it I thought it might be fun to share the different types here!

We all know that your clothes express your personality. But are they expressing the personality YOU want them to show? The wrong kind of outfit can dull your shine and hide your charm. And goodness, we don’t want that. Not after you’ve been working so hard to polish it all up!

This is where the fun begins. Let’s dig into the 12 Personalities of Dress. Over the next few weeks we will spotlight each type. Which one are you?

The Exotic Type

Think Cleopatra with her jet black hair and heavily lined eyes draped in long lusciously colored fabrics. Picture screen sirens with shiny black hair, large bracelets, high heeled sandals and luxurious jewel-toned gowns.

If your figure lends itself to form-fitting dresses and you enjoy purring along to some  Eartha Kitt then this may be your type.  No loose clothes for you! Now, don’t go swanning around in bright red satin at the office. Rather, wear beautifully tailored outfits and let your accessories show off your exotic nature. In the evening wear a beautifully fitted gown – in case you missed it the key for you is FIT. Wear bold and gorgeous jewels. Small turban hats will highlight your mysterious eyes. Heavy satins that drape your curves are perfect for your gowns.

Musky perfume, Black chiffon underwear and very sheer dark hose and heels will add to your special type of charm. During the day be subtle with your look, just one exotic accessory – your time is NIGHT!

Here’s some inspiration for you.


So, are you an Exotic Type? If not, don’t despair, there are 11 more to go!

Audrey Jean

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