So, what did we think of The Exotic? She’s definitely a very rare bird but I’m wondering if any of you related to her. I’ll confess that I kind of dream of being an older version of her in my later life. I can picture myself in gorgeously jeweled Kaftans swanning around my house hosting lively cocktail parties with a motley crew of characters – basically Auntie Mame!

Today we are going to talk about The Ingenue!

Marie Antoinette is your spirit animal!


The pastel colors puffy, dainty and feminine. You might have curly brown or golden hair with big blue eyes. You love fragile fabrics, dainty hats and ballet slippers.  If you are petite and youthful, if you are light and sweet, play that up.

Indulge in ruffles. Tie little ribbons in your hair! Don’t try to be exotic or sophisticated. Don’t wear black or deep reds. Only wear the daintiest of jewelry. Your dresses should be of dainty, light materials in pinks, blues and pastel shades.

Your underthings should match. Your hose should be the color of your skin and your ballet slippers the color of your outfit.  Dainty pearls, lilac perfume and sweat pea are for you.

You can be romantic in the moonlight but always be the sweet young person you are.

When I think of The Ingenue I immediately think of Sandra Dee. I think we are all familiar with this scene in Grease.

Now, when I was typing myself I immediately gravitated towards The Ingenue. The colors, the femininity, the sweetness of it all. But I also thought of Doris Day and even Betty Draper. They sort of fit this category but don’t feel quite right and that’s because when The Ingenue grows up she becomes……

Well, you’ll have to check back here to see won’t you!

Audrey Jean

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