We leave the land of Capes and Statement Hats of The Sophisticate and head over to the Creative and Distinctive…

Intellectual Type

You are studious and love the romance of history. You wander art galleries and travel to museums. You are intelligent, critical and appreciative of the creative and individual.

As such, you gravitate towards artistic clothes that feel very personal. You have little regard for fashion, preferring clothes that feel like “you.”

Choose your clothes based on the beauty of their lines. They should be timeless. Long straight lines are classical and a good look for you. Crepes and velvets in subtle colors are divine. Your lingerie should be pearly white, simple and aesthetic in it’s severity.

The classic chypre is best for your perfume and a the classic yellow rose is the flower for you.

I like to think of this look as Librarian Chic. Peter Pan collars, sweaters, TWEED!! Glasses are optional.

Think Audrey Hepburn working at the Bookstore in Funny Face or Margaret Sullivan in The Shop Around the Corner.



Audrey Jean

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