We are down to the last 2 types! Have you found yours yet?

Today’s type is an interesting one. When I think of “older” fashion I tend to favor staying within your type but just maybe taking it down a notch, or heck, taking it up a notch like the amazing ladies of Advanced Style. I look at Ginger Rogers in her later years still in her showgirl chic and even my beloved Dolly Parton.

None of those ladies would fall under The Matron or Queenly Woman. So, keep in mind, if you are over 50 you do NOT NEED to think of yourself as this type. It’s an aesthetic, it’s a personality. If it resonates with you then perfect!

The Matron or Queenly Woman

If you are over 50 you can no longer wear the very youthful and extreme fashions you may have indulged in before, no matter how great your figure. (Say some people) But with age comes more charm, more graciousness and more wisdom as to what works for you and what doesn’t!

When choosing hats, avoid the extreme and enjoy styles that flatter your face. Wear smart, well-cut dresses. These are dresses of high-quality because you do not wear them once or twice and toss them. Your dress lines should be of diagonals and straight to add elegance to your figure. Your lingerie, hose and shoes should be fitted for comfort and pleasure. They shouldn’t be varied to follow the whims of fashion.

Classic and personal jewelry which brings happy memories are best for you. The clean sweet perfumes of lavender or gentle florals match you well. Violets are the flower for you!

When I picture all of this I IMMEDIATELY think of Queen Elizabeth. She knows what works for her and she buys it in every color.


Audrey Jean

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