We are collecting quite a few Types. If you’ve missed The Exotic, The Ingenue or The Athletic Type,  go back and take a look. If not then let’s move right on to…..

The Romantic Type

You are cheerful and large-eyed, the waltz is your favorite dance and you are gentle, sweet and very charming. Show off your femininity in every way. Picture hats, chiffon hostess gowns (at home) in pastel shades and lacy lingerie. Sheer hose and dainty high heels are perfect for you. Pale pink camellias are as romantic as you are.

Your jewels have a story and are significant, possibly they were attempts from beaus to woo you! Wear perfumes of jasmine or rose.

When I thought of this Type Debbie Reynolds popped right into my head. The soft colors, the florals, the chiffon, the romance!

And during my Romantic internet travels I found this beauty (alas, it’s been sold) perfect for The Romantic Type!

If you found yourself gravitating towards The Ingenue but we perhaps a little older than “type” you might feel quite at home as The Romantic!

Audrey Jean

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