So here we are finally with MY type!

I definitely have elements of the other types that I gravitate towards but this is me through and through.

It does have a very unfortunate name though.

The Young Matron


When we think of the typical 1950s housewife we are thinking of The Young Matron. Donna Reed, Harriet Nelson, June Cleaver and yes, Betty Draper. If you are not too romantic or too dressy or too taken up with cultural activities this could be the type for you. You are focused on your home, husband and children.*

*So says “The Manual” but maybe you just really love shirtwaist dresses!


Your outfits must be smart and comfortable. You can certainly dress with a tendency toward any specific personality type that might be yours but with a softness. Print dresses you can wear all day as well as for dinner are ideal. You will definitely have evening clothes but tend to prefer “all-day” dresses as it suits your busy life. Your lingerie should be slightly lacy and very pretty. Colors should be appropriate for your personal coloring.


You love costume jewelry and have necklaces, bracelets and perhaps some novelty brooches to go with each outfit. Your perfume should be sweet and just a little spicy. The American Beauty Rose was made for you!

Audrey Jean

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