Instead of Resolutions this year I decided to follow a plan of trying something Vintage each week. Every week I’ll do a new “Vintage Challenge”.

Because the New Year is always filled with plans for getting in shape I figured I would try following a “reducing” plan. I’ll cobbled together some of the goodies rom my various books of the time but the majority will come from “Secrets of Charm.”

What stood out for me was how they created a plan that works for whatever the family is eating. You just add or subtract certain things based on if you are trying to reduce or gain weight. In theory this should make the reducing easier for everyone!

I’m going to be posting most of the day to do from this challenge over on my Instagram so be sure to check there if you’d like to follow along on this challenge. I’ll post a recap here when the week is through! Let’s hope there isn’t TOO much cottage cheese and jellied salad in my future.

Audrey Jean

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