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I give a lot of hand holding in my virtual courses but maybe you’d like something a little more customized. We’ll address your problem areas, come up with a plan and up your charm quotient.  

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Audrey is amazing! She has helped me believe in myself again and go after my dreams. She has a great coaching program that helped me in every area of my life! I am excited to work with her more. She is helping me be the best version of me!

Brandi Jo Middleton

Mrs. Tennessee international 2019

I have long been a fan of Audrey’s personal style, her clothes, make up, hair – everything! I was in a major fashion rut after the birth of my second baby, and after starting a new job in the tech industry. That’s when the stars aligned and Audrey offered to help. She selected some amazing outfits that I never would have picked out for myself, and I absolutely loved them! The choices were so chic, and her response time so quick and friendly. 

Robin M.



After my second child, I lost myself a little bit. I love her with all my heart, and spent every day fostering her development and trying to be the best mom I could be, but in the process, I forgot the fun loving girl I once was. When I met Audrey, she asked me what I was passionate about, and I couldn’t come up with a single response. Nine months later, I am happy to say that even though I’m not sure what my true passion is, I am excited to wake up each morning to try to figure it out. Thanks for making me think about what it is that I want in this world.

Jesse H